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Continuous security and Defence Indepth

Along with the increasing internet users and services there is a growing increase in vulnerabilities and attacks. Most attackers have a commercial agenda and this objective will certainly hurt the wealth of the victimized company, be it in either loss of IP, Loss of credibility of clients or at the least loss of service. Many times it happens an organization that has been breached is not even aware of it for months, during which time the attacker or the perpetrator takes advantage of this for his benefit.

There are no Silver Bullets that addresses this situation, conventional and existing methods of security does not address this effectively. The way forward is..Continuous Security and Defence Indepth

Anybody with knowledge on security and with a lot of ingenuity thrown in can arrive at a reasonable balance of Security and Defence plan for their infrastructure. However it gets unviable to continue doing it on their own in the mid and long term as this requires a dedicated team and an evolving security defense measures as newer incidents and situations unfold. Specialization !

This is where Continuous Security from Agni can help you. In order to provide you with a secure footing and infrastructure

Agni has designed a set of processes to address:

Securing the Infrastructure

Hardening Operating Systems for Servers

Hardening Services for Servers

Implementing File Integrity solutions

Implementation of Application Security

Addressing Network Security needs

Implementing best practices

Automated analysis of log events

Regular health checks and audits

And evolving.

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