Lots of different applications running on multiple servers are difficult to administer and manage, in turn are very expensive.

Any organization normally has a large number of applications running on multiple servers in silos. It is a tedious task to manage all these applications and servers.

The cloud technologies have grown up rapidly due to ease in use, flexibility and OPEX based pricing model. These technologies take the pain out of the IT department. However, the Cloud model may not suit all environments. The reasons are limited controls, higher downtime, large number of security breaches seen and overall costs. To mitigate these challenges, Hybrid Cloud as a game changing technology has been growing at a rapid pace. And this is being adopted by more and more organizations every day. The Hybrid Cloud technologies are taking the advantage of HyperConvergence.

Modern day standard server hardware platforms have very high firepower in terms of multiple CPU cores, large size high speed memory and very high storage densities. These servers are capable of running multiple virtualized environments using software centric approach. This approach with robust management helps in dynamically allocating virtual resources between virtualized applications based upon the need. Underneath these applications have unified framework i.e. AAA, log management and auto backup etc. A layered HyperConvergence technology leads to combining compute, storage, networking, security and application layers. This approach provides maximum infrastructural efficiencies.

iTaaS (A Hyper Converged - Internet Gateway Software ) from Agni is a Smart Software Appliance, which is available as both as OPEX or CAPEX model. Agni's iTaaS provides all advantaged of Cloud based technologies, while being deployed on premise inside customer network. This appliance provides software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources , several business critical applications and other technologies delivered as a software bundle meant for a highly reliable hardware ( usually provided by the customer).

The key components of iTaaS are:

  • Base Software - Consists of essential security and networking components
    • Security - Firewall, IPS, VPN, Proxy with Access control and content filter
    • Networking - DHCP, DNS, DMZ, Multi Links Load Management for WAN
  • Secure File Server - Consists of AD (User authentication, File Share with File level access control, Deduplication, Auto Backup, Encryption and Virtual storage for other corporate applications
  • Secure EMail Server - Supports popular methods IMAP/POP3 and can be hosted. Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Content filter, Email archive and has IM also
  • Security Management - Provides logging capabilities and altering through inbuilt SIEM. File integrity management for servers is also a built in feature.
  • Others - Popular applications i.e. CRM are available as option
  • Cost reduction - Reduction in costs (overall footprint costs reduces by 50%. With integrated applications, the cost further reduces and provides all the benefits of OPEX model.
  • Simple Management - Ease in managing as all applications share same infrastructure. It is easier to manage and administer
  • Security & Compliance - With interconnected applications in place, it possible to apply a security framework , which helps in protecting the IP. The highly unified approach with number of security components, it is possible to meet over 75% of the compliance requirements .
  • Flexibility - The software centric architecture provides flexibility , as you can dynamically change the allocated resources to the virtualized applications
  • Speed - Within a day or two you can migrate your applications easily and you are able to leverage the benefit of technologies almost immediately.
  • Maximum Efficiency and Productivity - With plethora of inbuilt productivity applications, it is possible to drive efficiencies across organization.

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