Innovation, Productivity and Security

Using Technology for competitive advantage and innovation, is what most businesses are looking for. AGNI's iTaaS combines the latest Hybrid Cloud technologies with a suite of productivity applications ( Office, EMail, Web, Secure file sharing with backup, CRM etc.). This approach is delivered in a highly unified fashion using HyperConvergence layer to combine of Compute, Networks, Storage and Applications. Software centric architecture provides immense flexibility in terms of management. Just in case, any virtualized application needs more resources, those can be allocated from another application having spare capacity. This HyperConvergence technology runs on current day's modern commoditized hardware servers, which are packed with significant firepower required for high performance. An integrated firewall, Intrusions prevention, Anti Virus, AAA capability through directory integration, log management with SIEM provides a complete security layer. A managed model of delivery ensures that the appliances is checked for vulnerabilities and is remediated on daily basis. iTaaS also has a provision for additional virtualized environment, that the customer can select in addition to predefined applications.

Network Security - Stateful packet filter firewall, Intrusion Prevention system, Virtual Private network ( Client to Site or Site to Site).

Content Security - Filters for email and web traffic, policy based enforcement, Anti Virus, Anti phishing, ransomware mitigation and Anti Spam capabilities. Advanced features also include File Integrity Management for Servers, file encryption, policy based access control using inbuilt directory structures, auto backups

Security Management - iTaaS also offers complete log management and an inbuilt SIEM capabilities

AGNI's iTaaS Solution

Finance Government Manufacturing IT & ITeS Education
Compliance Management Solution
Remote Office/ Branch Office (ROBO) Solution
Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
HyperConvergence+ Infrastructure
Network Security Solution
Firewall, VPN and IPS
Secure Email Server Secure Web Gateway
Secure Web Gateway
File Integrity Management for Servers
Secure File Server with AAA, backup, encryption
Log Management / SIEM
Other customer defined application

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