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Agni provides 24×7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification and resolution undertaking root cause analysis which helps in identifying and fixing potential problems before performance is affected. Agni provides automated, continuous, 24×7 availability and performance monitoring of the client’s environment. It monitors IT components and transactions for specific events, threshold violations and errors/faults, based on pre-defined metrics. Our remote infrastructure management solution will automatically carry out client’s pre-specified instructions to fix problems such as administering sluggish servers and the applications that reside on them without human intervention. Our remote monitoring service automatically notifies the customer or designated service provider when events defined by the customer are detected. Our clients have the option of choosing how problems are resolved and who is responsible for solving them. Notification includes an escalation and tracking process as determined by the client. Agni collects and stores historical information to facilitate trend analysis and IT planning. Our remote monitoring service helps to maximize performance, significantly enhance service levels and immediately reduce downtime.

Our comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management services gives our customers the ability to reduce costs and improve service levels. Customers can implement a complete remote service desk solution or simply start with remote monitoring for a portion of their network, a select site, or a group of servers. Additional remote infrastructure management services can easily be added as needs change.The following diagram depicts the scope of Agni’s Managed Services Offering along with its philosophy of including security services along with monitoring and management.

Key features

Progressive 24×7 Help desk:

  • A constantly monitored and optimized L1 process ensures that the client experiences progressive comfort and uptime.

Proactive Monitoring and Management:

  • Proactive Monitoring and Management enables to sense the pulse of the Entire system which in turn helps in predicting and preventing issues from growing into full blown crisis.

IS Security and periodic security assessments:

  • Periodic security assessments help to identify and reduce attack surface area in the infrastructure.

Agni’s CPE:

  • A specialized on-premises Managed Service equipment for selected environments, which enhances and strengthens the connectivity and security for remote administration.

Best Practices:

  • Agni constantly delves in best practices in the areas of managed services and administrations front-line to derive and establish constantly evolving procedures

Consulting Services:

  • Agni’s system architects and product specialists Scope, analyze and size the needs of the client.


  • ISO 27001 framework to ensure proper controls and measures in information security are implemented across all the domains.

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