Case Studies

CloudWall : Security for Internal work flow and CRM for a Pharma retailer

    Needs :

  • A reliable central site for hosting the application
  • A secure communication channel for retail outlets to connect to the central site:
  • Vulnerability Assessment of the Application
  • Migration of server to AWS [...]

Perimeter Security

    Perimeter security is one of the building blocks of today's IT infrastructure. Perimeter security enforces access control policies for all traffic flowing to and from any organization. Agni successfully designed and deployed perimeter security solution to one of the most [...]

Windows Azure

    Cloud technologies have emerged as one of the key elements to consider when deploying IT infrastructure for SMBs and Enterprise at large. Today with companies offering three major services, (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS ) as part of Private, Public & [...]

Microsoft Dynamics SL SQL Server Migration 2005 to 2008 of 120 databases

    Microsoft Dynamics SL is an ERP application for finances, resources, and decision-defining information. Microsoft Dynamics SL system is easy to use and easy to deploy. Application user interfaces are very similar to Microsoft office suite that makes learning process an [...]


    Storage technologies play an important role in today's computing infrastructure. With choice of various technologies and protocols, one of the challenges faced today by organizations is what technology to choose? How well it will scale? Is it secure? We at [...]

Sungard Availability Services

    All organizations irrespective of the size require a disaster recovery and business continuity plan to minimize the risk of loss of data. Service outages can cause considerable impact on business. The main objectives that are to be met when planning [...]

Microsoft Exchange Migration and DAG with F5 Load Balancer

    Microsoft Exchange migration was a very demanding task as the current Exchange infrastructure involved high availability clustering services from a third party. AGNI's part was to analyse the infrastructure for migration, design, cabling, implementation and validation. The key components involved [...]

Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment

    Are you sure your information is secure? Let us help you to identify how secure your technology infrastructure really is. Agni will use http and its related protocols and examine how your applications interact with the environment and external entities [...]

Log Analysis

    Log analysis is a critical portion of IT administration. The need of regular log analysis is not often considered in the industry leading to issues or critical security breaches going undetected for a long time. Based on the verizon report: [...]

Cloud Service Risk Management Paper

    Support issues Quality of professional support can affect the availability and smooth functioning of the application. Cloud provider help desk is a risk factor outside client's control. Therefore it is difficult to manage this risk effectively. This is especially [...]

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